Chapter 3

Chapter 3 will continue the study of the Churches. We have seen a downward spiral of the condition of the Churches and we will see that it continues in chapter 3. However, take heart for we will also see that not all have forsaken their love of the Lord, reference the Church at Smyrna of chapter 2 and Philadelphia of chapter 3.

Chapter 3:1-6

Church in Sardis This Church was located on an acropolis similar to the church at Pergamos in the valley of Hermes. This city had walls on three sides that measured 1500 feet, and they were natural stone and protected the city from attack. The only way into Sardis was along a narrow isthmus that led … Continue reading Chapter 3:1-6

Chapter 3:7-13

The Church in Philadelphia This is the second Church to have no condemnation. Jesus has only words of encouragement for this Church. The Church at Philadelphia was in a city in Asia Minor, located upon the borders of Mysia and Lydia. The name is derived from brotherly love for which it was known. I do … Continue reading Chapter 3:7-13

Chapter 3:14-22

The Church in Laodicea Here we come to the last church mentioned in the book of Revelation, Laodicea. This Church completes the circle of Churches that were located in the western portion of Asia Minor. The first six Churches were: Ephesus that was neglecting their first priority. Smyrna suffered Satanic opposition. Pergamos allowed religious compromise. … Continue reading Chapter 3:14-22