Old Testament


The book of Ruth reveals a beautiful type of our Lord Jesus Christ in that Boaz becomes Ruth’s and Naomi’s Kinsman Redeemer. Boaz was a blood relative of Naomi. He had the price required to redeem the lost inheritance of Naomi and was willing to redeem it. Jesus Christ is our Kinsman Redeemer. He took on the likeness of man, He had the price required through His shed blood on Calvary to redeem lost mankind. Jesus rose from the grave proving God the Father’s acceptance of His payment for the sins of all who believe!

New Testament


The book of Revelation is the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ in His risen glory. It reveals our Kinsman Redeemer for Jew and Gentile believers alike. It is also about the fulfillment of His plan for Israel as well as the nations and peoples of this world. The book of Revelation shows Jesus Christ as having all authority over His Church, over judgment, and over Satan and his hosts. Jesus Christ deserves all blessing, glory, thanksgiving, honor, power, might, praise and worship. It is all about JESUS CHRIST!