Our Lord Jesus said …

“If anyone desires to do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it is of God, or I speak from Myself.” John 7:17

Understanding God’s ways and His reasons, and obediently living for Jesus go hand-in-hand.

Our Doctrinal Statement for Bible Reasoning Ministries

Scripture: I believe that all Scripture is inspired by God as He carried men along by the Holy Spirit. Scripture constitutes both Old and New Testaments, Words and ideas, all parts being authoritative, inerrant, and unbreakable. These Scriptures have been preserved by the Church through the work of the Holy Spirit in such a way that after much persecution, copying and translating the Scriptures; they still are an authoritative representation of the original autographs for doctrine and for life.

2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Pet. 1:20-21; 2 Pet 3:16; Matt 5:18-19; Rev 22:18-19; Jn 17:17; Jn 10:35; 2 Tim 2:9

God: I believe in God Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, revealed in the Bible and the Incarnation. God is Perfect, Holy, Eternal, sovereign, loving and just. I believe that God exists in one nature and that within the one nature of God we can see three distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three persons all coequal and coeternal

Gen 1:1; Jn 12:45; Deut 32:4; Isa 6:3; Deut 10:14-17; Ps 90:2; 1 Jn 4:8; 1 Tim 6:15; Deut 6:4; Mt 28:19

Jesus: I believe that Jesus Christ is the second person of the triune nature of God. Jesus is Fully God and was fully man therefore I believe in the deity and the humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only begotten Son of God by whom all things were created. Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified on a cross, rose again bodily on the third day, ascended into heaven, sits at the right hand of the Father and will come again to judge the living and the dead. He is the object of our faith and practice, He is Lord, Savior and Almighty God.

Jn1:1,14; Rom 1:3; Jn 3:16; Col 1:16; Mt 1:18-23; Heb 4:15; Mat 28:6-7; Acts 1:9-11; 1 Pet 3:22; Jn 5:25-30; Titus 3:6; Jn 15:14

Holy Spirit: The Holy spirit is the third person of the triune nature of God. The Holy spirit is a person and can be lied to, (see Acts 5:1-5) The Holy spirit is God, (see Acts 5:4) the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, He enables the world to believe by imparting faith to believe, He is the comforter, He leads us into all righteousness. We receive the Holy Spirit at salvation and then He takes up residence in our heart and will never leave us. From this position He equips, encourages, teaches, empowers and fills the believer.

Acts 5:1-4; Jon 16:8-11; Eph 2:8; 1 Cor 12:13; Eph 1:13-14; Jn 14:16,26; Jn 16:7; Lk 24:49; Eph 5:18.

Man: Man was made in the image of god without fault and without sin, Man was made a free moral agent with the ability to make his own choices. Unfortunately Adam and Eve choose to disobey God Which resulted in sin entering into the world and death through sin. Because of this death came to all mankind because all sinned. The Bible says that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” We are told that salvation is not of “works, lest any man should boast”. Mankind cannot save themselves and is in need of a redeemer which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Eph 2:8; Gen 1:27; 3:6; Rom 5:12; Rom 3:20-24 Rom 3:10; Rom 10:9-10

Salvation: Salvation is by grace through faith and not of works. We cannot work our way into Heaven. Salvation is a gift of God through the person of Jesus, it is the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross that accomplishes our salvation. We cannot earn salvation, we cannot work for salvation, it is a free gift to those that believe in the atoning work of Jesus. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus is proof that He is who He said He was and gives us our eternal hope that we will be with Him in His eternal Kingdom. Salvation is the act of receiving Jesus Christ into our life and turning from our sinful ways, this is called repentance.

Eph 2:8-9; Heb 7:23-8:2; 1 Cor 15:17; Jn 3:14-16; 1 Jn 1:9; Rom 6:7,18; 1 cor 12:13; James 2:14-16; 1 Jn 2:9-11and 1 Jn 1:5-7

Sanctification: Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit of God, working in the believer to make him holy. This is an on going process and can be hastened when the believer submits him or her self to the leading of the Spirit. We must submit to the will of God, turn from sin and desire to be like Jesus.

Rom 1:17; James 4:4-10; Rom 6:2-4,8,11; Gal:2:20; 1Jn 2:15-17, 4:12-16

The Church: The church consists of the believers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The church is not the building that believers meet in, it is the believers themselves. Every believer has been given spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit for use in the church. Some gifts are used for administration, some for preaching and teaching some are service gifts and some for evangelism. The point is this, that all of the gifts were to edify the body of Christ, which is the church. The church is likened to a hospital where the sick go to be healed. Sinners can meet Jesus Christ by the preaching of the word and be healed. The church is the “called out ones” ekkle-sia (ek-klay-see-ah) in the Greek.

1Cor 12:11-13, 13:1, 12:7, 14:12; Eph 4:11-16

Biblical Interpretation: The principals of biblical interpretation that are use in these studies are as follows: The Scriptures are interpreted with the literal/historical method of interpretation. That is to say “if the plain sense of the passage makes good sense then I do not look for any other sense because, I will get non-sense”. I will never force the Scriptures to alter the plain meaning. I do not allegorize the Scriptures or try to spiritualize them. The plain sense of the Scripture will keep us from errors. Each verse must be interpreted in conjunction with the chapter that it is in and the chapter must be in harmony with the book that it is found in and the book must be in harmony with the rest of the Bible.

The best interpreter of Scripture is the Scripture itself. We depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance when reading and interpreting the Scripture as the spirit will lead us into all truth.

The Scriptures used on this web site will be primarily the King James version with other translations used sparingly for clarity

Final note. This statement of doctrine is not a complete work, as I have just touched on the bare essentials. For a complete Doctrinal Statement that I agree with you may visit the following site: